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More versatile and much safer than any flat blade, the unique Bestway Wire Spyral design allows cutting in any direction. Made of specially hardened steel, all edges of the Spyral Blade are cutting edges. They easily follow contours and allow tight and intricate cuts (including square and circular cuts) that are impossible to make with other saw blades. Spyral blades are easy to handle and do not readily cut human flesh.

Bandsaw Blades

Continuous loop Spyral blades for bandsaws and other specialized equipment are welded to your required length in .040”, .050”, or .074” diameter.  These blades are resistance welded and heat treated for maximum weld life.  Welded blades are the most common product used in aerospace and industry.  Maximum blade life is achieved on bandsaws with 24” or larger wheels.  Blades are run at speeds up to 5,000 sfm.

Bestway Roller Guides allow the use of Spyral Bandsaw Blades on existing bandsaw machines.  They are a common part for both upper and lower guide positions.  The customer must make upper and lower brackets for mounting the guides on the bandsaw.

Hacksaw Blades

Fits standard hacksaw frames. Eyelets can be removed for threading through small holes for internal cuts. Available in cards of 3 or in bulk.

Freestyle Saw

This saw was designed specifically for use with Spyral sawblades by a major customer in Japan. It is the standard coping saw found in Japan. We have given it a larger ergonomically designed handle for the American Market. This saw applies greater tension on the blade than typical of conventional coping saws. For details on the Freestyle Saw click here.

Freestyle Sawblades

Freestyle Spyral Sawblades are for use with the Freestyle Saw.  They are available in .028, .040, and .050 inch diameters, packaged in envelopes of 5.  The .040” diameter is the most versatile standard size used.  The ends can be removed and replaced for use as a hole saw.

Coping Saw Blades

These are Spyral sawblades for use on conventional American coping saws that normally use a pinned blade. The end of the blade has a thinner cross piece that fits the slot that would receive the pin of a conventional flat blade. The slotted fittings on the saw must be oriented in line with the blade. If the saw uses a perpendicular rod with a slot on the top, it will not hold the blade in position adequately. The round Spyral blade part is the same as the Freestyle blades and available in the same diameters.

Jeweler Blades & Scroll Saw Blades

Available for use in jeweler's saws or pin vises. They cut, file or shape plexiglass, casting wax, metals and other materials. The flexibility of the spyral blade allows cuffing even while the blade is bent. Available for clamp in style scroll saw (no pins). Available in fine, medium and coarse.

Surgical Gigli Saws

Used in surgery for cutting bone and adhesive bonds, Bestway’s round gigli saw is a vast improvement over the old type made from twisted wires.  Made from a single stainless steel wire Bestway surgical saws have no fine wires to break.  Spyral surgical blades have a definite, carefully formed 360° cutting edge which cuts smoothly and cleanly in any direction.  Looped ends are carefully formed and ground to reduce catching.  These precision blades are self cleaning, flexible and much faster to use. Available in .040" standard and .028" fine diameters.

Pocket Saws

Pocket Saw

This is the original pocket saw always carried by famed test pilot Chuck Yaeger. Badly burned after being forced to bail out during a test flight at 104,000 feet, this is the saw used to cut through his pressure suits neck ring to remove his helmet. Lightweight and compact, it can be coiled up into a shirt pocket or easily included in survival and camping kits.

Camping Saws

This is a larger, heavier duty version of the Pocket Saw. This saw has a heavier and longer blade (.050” diameter instead of .040” and 24” long instead of 20” long). The blade is made of rust resistant stainless steel suitable for cutting wood and bone. The larger rings are much more comfortable to grip than the “thumb rings” of the Pocket Saw. Yet, it still only weighs 1 oz.

Survival Saws

This survival saw has been used by the U.S. Military for over 30 years.  Originally developed by the USAF for a pilot survival kit, this saw meets the government specification NSN 5110-00-570-6896.  This saw comes with sturdy steel removable end fittings with heavy duty rings.  Each unit is packaged in a kraft envelope and comes with a spare blade. For details on the Survival Saw click here.

Coil Stock

Spyral blades are available in 100 foot coils, allowing the customer to cut the blades to any length required.  They are used for reciprocating saws, cutting machines which do not require welded blades, portable powered two man reciprocating sawing, large manual sling saws and many other applications. 

Steel Handle Grips

Steel Handle Grips

These simple hand grips are for use with .028, .040, and .050" diameter blade stock (i.e. coil stock). Each handle has a slot in it which can be used to tighten the thumb screw on the opposite handle.

Stainless Steel Blades

Spyral blades are available in stainless steel for medical, food processing, hunting, and other applications.  These can to cut to any length, with or without end fittings or purchased as coil stock.  Stainless blades are made in .028,.040 and .050 inch diameters. These blades cut bone, wood, etc. but do not cut metals.

Custom Cut

Spyral blades cut to your specified length for your specific purpose.  Common uses are for machine components, specialized tools and cleaning devices.


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